Frequently Asked Questions

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The App

I want one now, where can I get the ChocolateSelfie® app?

Don’t let another moment pass without capturing yourself or a loved one on chocolate. Get your ChocolateSelfie® app here.

Or get it from the app store on your iPhone, Android, or Kindle Fire. Just keyword search, ChocolateSelfie.

Got a pic on your PC or Mac and want to send it to us right now? You can upload it with your ChocolateSelfie® order.

Is the ChocolateSelfie® app available on my brand of phone?

If you have an iPhone, Android, or Kindle Fire you can use the app. Get the app here now or directly from your phone’s app store.

Do I need any special settings set for the app on my phone?

Glad you asked. You’ll want to make sure push settings are on, and here’s why.

Besides the occasional announcement of special deals and offers, we announce a monthly ChocolateSelfie® winner by pushing it to phones with our app on it.

Download our FREE app, register it with us, and you’re in the monthly drawing. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Find out more about our club

How do I use the app?

It’s so easy. We made the app pretty intuitive to use. You can check out our fun video and you’re ready to rock.

Once you download the app:

1. Open the app.
2. Take a selfie or choose one from your library.
3. Pick your template or shape.
4. Check out and pay for your selection.
5. Don’t forget to share on your favorite social network! Go viral with ChocolateSelfie®!

The Image

Are the images made with ink?

Yuck! No-no-no-no. We only use FDA approved food coloring and ingredients to produce your image. Because your image is not printed on any sort of paper, but imposed on a delicious candy coating that is smooth and level, we use an array of totally edible food coloring which doesn’t get in the way of the awesome taste or robust aroma of your delectable chocolates.

The images are edible, right?

No point in having a tasty chocolate image you can’t dazzle your tongue as much as your eyes, is there?

Not only is everything edible, but our luscious chocolate is fashioned silky delicious. And, our image printing is made from approved, kosher certified FDA food coloring and ingredients.

The images look awesome, but can you taste them?

Short answer? Your tongue won’t even know it’s there. The FDA approved coloring and ingredients we use to create your incredible image is just food coloring. It doesn’t get in the way of the taste or full-bodied aroma of our delightful chocolate at all.

Our fantastic, rich gourmet chocolates are mouthwatering with or without an image. But, what fun is a ChocolateSelfie® without your special image on it?

Ummm…? Just what kind of pic can I have put on my ChocolateSelfie®?

Okay, we get what you’re asking. We’ll process any image you’d give to the corner photo processing place. Other than that? It’s up to you. We’ll print what you send us. Your logo, graphic art, special text message, pic of a loved one… or of course, your selfie.

Some great ChocolateSelfie ® ideas:

• Junior posing with the winning home run ball.
• When your date is so hot, your risk melting the ChocolateSelfie® he-she is imprinted on.
• The whole gang posing for a Girls Night Out.
• Invitation to your first baby shower.
• Your kindergartener holding up a drawing of mommy and daddy.
• Sitting on your newly tricked out Harley rumbling under the seat.
The possibilities are soooooo endless. Capture yourself and family on chocolate.

Oh, there is one exception. We can’t print logos or material that is copyright protected unless we have written permission from the copyright owner to do so.

You know, stuff like professional sports logos, corporate logos, Disney characters, copyrighted photographs or copyrighted clip art is a no-no.

I want one, what’s the fastest way to get my image to you?

Sweet. The quickest way is to download the ChocolateSelfie ™ app, click a selfie, and send your first one to us right now.

Reading this FAQ on your computer and checking out an image you want to send us? We’ve given you a place to upload the image when you place your order. Easy-peasy.

I’m not a techie, what file type do I send for my ChocolateSelfie®?

Don’t sweat it. You’ll be able to send one right from your app in a few easy steps.

When you send one from your computer, you likely have one we accept. We use all kinds: .bmp, .eps, .gif, .jpg, .pct, .pic, .png, .psp or .tif.

Still don’t know? Ask a friend or contact us if you have any questions.

Files with other extensions (e.g. .exe, .zip, .rar) cannot be uploaded.

We cannot accept copyrighted images without permission from the owner. For example, without permission we cannot print professional sports logos, corporate logos, Disney characters, copyrighted photographs or copyrighted clip art.

I’m not a photographer. How do I get the best image on my ChocolateSelfie®?

No problem. It’s not that hard, and we have a couple suggestions to help you out here.

• Images with high contrast between foreground and background do well.
• Images with similar colored foreground and background won’t show up too well. In other words a blue sweater against a blue sky would pretty much be the invisible selfie. Zero fun in that, right?
• Large images with lots of detail can get scrunchie. It’d be like trying to devour our largest chocolate piece in one single bite. It might not fit quite so pretty. Although we encourage you to fill your mouth with our yummy chocolate, we want you to have a fantastic image.
• Smaller, less detailed pics help.

Don’t worry though, if we feel an image might not transfer well, we’ll get in touch. We’re here for you.
Our vibrant array of certified colors and advanced color imaging is the best available. Customers are amazed. Even so, in certain instances, coloring doesn’t allow us to guarantee an absolute, exact color tone match every time. We know you’ll be dazzled with it though.

Can I see how my ChocolateSelfie image will come out before purchasing?

When you follow our simple guidelines, we feel you’ll be blown away with your printed image. Plus, if it doesn’t meet our satisfaction when we process it, we’ll contact you for an alternative image.

The Delicious Chocolate

How is a ChocolateSelfie® made?

While we could tell you all about the magical process that is creating a ChocolateSelfie, it's easier if we just show you!

What is my ChocolateSelfie® made from?

Our wonderful gourmet chocolates are fashioned from among the finest chocolatiers. Your ChocolateSelfie® is a solid piece of sweet milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate, created in your shape of choice, topped with a layer of delectable candy coating, and made perfect with your awesome image on top.

Your image will look fantastic and your tongue won’t even know the image is there. Pretty cool, huh? All you taste is rich, smooth chocolate accompanied by its full-bodied aroma.

Our richly delicious chocolates are also crafted nut- and peanut-free. We’ve been certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union and meet the strictest standards on the market today.

We’ve given our nutrition facts here.

Nutrition Facts
Milk Chocolate/Frosting: Dark Chocolate/Frosting:
Sugar, butter, milk powder, cocoa, Sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter,
liquor, soy lecithin, egg whites soy lecithin, vanillin, egg whites
White Chocolate: Cookies:
ALL of our chocolates are Sugar, coma butter, whole milk Wheat, 
soy, milk ingredients,
nut-free and peanut-free. powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla egg whites

Does my ChocolateSelfie® contain nuts?

No. All our chocolates are made nut- and peanut-free for all to enjoy.

Are your chocolates Kosher certified?

You bet. All our chocolates have been certified by the Orthodox Union with the strictest Kosher standards on the market today.

Is there a shelf life on my ChocolateSelfie®?

While a ChocolateSelfie® will last forever in your memory, it is made of chocolate, right? To ensure freshness, we recommend a 13-month shelf life. That is, if your taste buds don’t cave in thinking about that yummy chocolate begging to be enjoyed.

We also suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight, in room temperature or an air conditioned location, and not refrigerated.

Oh, and unless you want the shelf life tastily shortened by someone other than you, keep out of reach of children, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends…! You get the picture.

What kind of shapes can I get?

Oh boy. You can choose from a variety of shapes. We have coins, lollipops, heart shaped lollipops, portraits, and even business card shapes.

When you download our app and register it, be sure to activate push notifications. We’ll notify you of special offers, new items, social media events, and of course winners of our monthly ChocolateSelfie® drawing.

Can I sample the chocolate?

Our delightful chocolate is crafted among the best chocolatiers out there. Though we can’t send free samples, you are welcome to order a selection without an image from our Express Chocolates category. We really don’t get complaints. What’s not to love?

Got a big or corporate event planned? For heftier orders, we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction prior to purchasing. More information at

The Order

I’m hungry. How do I order my ChocolateSelfie®?

You can order right from the ChocolateSelfie® app, or go online to our web site. Just follow the links. We’ve made it simple and easy to place your order and track it.

Can I get my ChocolateSelfie® gift wrapped for someone?

Yeah baby! Many ChocolateSelfie® gifts are gifted to loved ones. We can individually wrap your personal gift or put them in attractive gift boxes. Just let us know when you order, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

I’m ready to order, what do I pay with?

Sweet! You’re going to love it! We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Just fill out the order information, upload the image, and we’ll handle it from there.

The Shipping

Where can you ship my Chocolate Selfie™?

We’ll ship your order anywhere within the United States with a 2-business day minimum. Orders are shipped with a signature release. If you’re not home, the package will be left at the door. If you want someone to sign for it when it’s delivered, just let us know with your order.

Because chocolate is perishable, and even though we will ship in chill packs in appropriate weather, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

How long will it take for my Chocolate Selfie™ to arrive?

We process your order very quickly when it arrives. We ship your tongue-teasing treat with a 2-business day minimum in weather-proof containers. We use specially insulated chill packs in hot weather.

Can you ship in hot weather?

Yup, sure can. We want to ensure the highest quality product for you, that’s why we ship all packages in weather-proofed containers.

In hot weather we ship your order in a specially insulated chilled container.

Try to arrange to have your chocolate delivered to an air conditioned location. A business or a place you know someone is at home is always a good call.

Can I track my ChocolateSelfie®?

We got you covered. We’ll send e-mails throughout the process and when it ships. We’ll also include the necessary tracking information. Plus, you can track it anytime on the “My Orders” page.

The Club

What is the ChocolateSelfie® Club you mentioned?

It is absolutely FREE to join our club. If you have our app and registered it with us, you’re in!

Club members…

• Snag a chance to win a FREE ChocolateSelfie® in our monthly drawing.
• Get clubber deals on new products offered.
• Land some scrumptious holiday or special event ideas.
• Find out about new updates for the app.
• Can download fun chocolate facts.
• Sneak a heads up on crazy awesome social media stuff we’re planning.

Though we may also make club announcements on our e-mail list or in social media, you can only win a FREE ChocolateSelfie® if you have a registered copy of our app on your phone.

The ChocolateSelfie® Guarantee

What is the ChocolateSelfie® guarantee?

We are all about celebrating you and your beloved images, having fun with awesomely delicious chocolate treats, and dazzling your smile as well as taste buds.

We do everything possible to duplicate the quality of your image. If the image is small and you want us to make a larger copy, some quality may be lost. The same would apply if you have a larger image and want it scrunched down.

Use our image suggestions above to help get the best image match as possible.

The FDA approved food coloring has some limitations in their color reproduction qualities, so we can’t always guarantee perfect tone matches. Our refund policy is to replace items that are damaged in transit.

You can get your ChocolateSelfie® ordered today!

The Connection

How can I stay in touch?

Got the app? Did you register it? Be sure to turn on the push notification settings so we can keep you updated. You might turn your phone on to find out you’re this month’s winner of a FREE ChocolateSelfie®.

You can also join the club by signing up to our e-mail list on our home page. Monthly winners are only drawn from our list of registered app users, so be sure to download and register it now.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

We’ve got some deliciously cool stuff planned for ChocolateSelfie® on social media. You’ll want to stay in touch with us there.

Can I find you on social media?

Absolutely. You’re going to want to follow and friend us there, because we have some really cool plans coming up for your ChocolateSelfie® on social media. You’re going to love it!

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Tell your network about us. Maybe someone will secretly get you a ChocolateSelfie®. We won’t spoil the surprise for you though.

Got a question we didn’t cover here? Send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to answer them.