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Nothing says I love you more than a chocolate memory...

But nothing says I love me more… than a ChocolateSelfie®

Who are we at MyChocolateSelfie, and what is a ChocolateSelfie®?

The short answer is we are the only makers of ChocolateSelfie®, and we make them just for you.  

A ChocolateSelfie® is an eye-popping digital image, your selfie, professionally imposed on gorgeously delicious candy coating that is smooth and level. This makes it the ideal surface to accept thetasteless and odorless, FDA approved edible food coloring which makes fine printing in every color of the rainbow!

MyChocolateSelfie, a mere 9-miles or so from Walt Disney World, is a sunny Orlando based branch of ChocolateMemories LLC, with fun on our lips and the sweetness of chocolate on our mind.

Although unrelated in business, and without budgets in the same galaxy, we at MyChocolateSelfie feel we just may have inspired Disney to put fun in their amazing park…

Yeah okay-okay, maybe Disney inspired us to make your selfies chocolate fun. We’re good with that.

So, what is it we do exactly?

We start off by hand-picking rich, smooth, chocolates in preparation for your custom image, and might we say, your personal indulgence.

Our chocolate is fashioned among the finest chocolatiers out there. Solid hunks of creamy-sweet milk chocolate, or our gorgeously rich dark chocolate. It’s lovely aroma will have your taste buds almost diving off your tongue for a taste.

Each piece has been carefully topped with a flawless layer of delectable candy coating. The morsels you bite off will slowly disappear in your mouth, much to the ecstasy of your tongue. You can’t help bite into another before the first one is even gone.

We offer our chocolate delights in an assortment of shapes: coins, circles, squares, medallions, hearts, frames, and business cards.

Once you select the shape of choice, we at MyChocolateSelfie get to have our own brand of fun putting your custom image right onto the layer of sugary candy coating.

We have a wide array of completely edible colors to professionally imprint your image, directly on to your pieces of luscious chocolate. We only use food coloring which is FDA approved to create your vibrant image.

There is no paper barrier, the image is imposed directly onto your chocolate. Your image is completely edible and will not hinder the rich taste and full-bodied aroma of the hand-selected chocolate.

When finished, you’ll have your customized digital image professionally placed on scrumptious chocolate delights, with the fun experience like only a ChocolateSelfie® will do for you.

That’s what we’re all about here at MyChocolateSelfie. Celebrating the sweet person you are, with the fun of chocolate we know you’ll love.

Our only regret is we’ll miss out when you open your package and stare with stunned amazement at your image on finely crafted chocolate.

But we know friends and family will smile in fun amazement, and that warms our heart.

Before you run off to browse our selection, ChocolateSelfie® delights aren’t limited to just your selfies. You can send us images of your life partner, new born baby, company logo, digital graphic art masterpieces…

The fun possibilities are up to you and limited only by your imagination and creativity within normal photo processing standards. It’s all about you.

ChocolateSelfies® aren’t just for you. They’re great for:

• It’s a boy! Or… It’s a girl!  Celebrations

• Birthday parties for your kids or a friend

• The girl's night out indulgence

• Special anniversaries

• Bride and groom wedding dinner pieces

• Art show displays

• Edible holiday ornaments

• Company parties or events

• Or that impulse moment to tell your spouse or partner, “I love you… just because.”


Got questions? Visit our FAQs page or e-mail us.

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Everyone needs a ChocolateSelfie.

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